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March 2008

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1.)    This newsletter is written with your interests in
         mind and heart

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9.)    Final Words

10.)  Contact information


1.)   This newsletter is written with your interests in mind and heart
Welcome.  I hope you find something that you can use in this newsletter, because I have written it with your interests in mind and heart.  You may even find answers to issues that you didn't realize you misunderstood, and wouldn't have thought to ask.  So whether you discover a correction to an exercise you may have been doing wrong, an important nutritional tidbit that kick starts your fat loss, a new motivational perspective, or a little entertainment -then I've achieved my goal of making this a worthwhile endeavor for all of us.  As always, I am open to your suggestions and questions.  I want to make each edition better than the last, so please feel free to contact me.

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2. For
 to achieve your best physical body.

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3.)  Why aerobic exercise
yn Cosgrove)

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4.Fat Americans eat like a sumo wrestler
If we were to make a list of the

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5.)  "Featured exercise the "deadlift"
The deadlift works more muscles at ont
the floor (by flexing the hips and then the knees) to complete the repetition.  Do NOT round your lower back ever!   Perform each rep with  100% concentration.    

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6. How kettlebell lifting lifts you
There is at

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7.The benefits of personalized program design
Generic programs will not provide the results that yo

Over the years, your body has developed in a specific way ─ not only a product of your genetics, but more importantly your lifestyle.  You are a unique individual and your training programs needs to be tailored to you, while structured for specific progression.  What really counts are the exercises, techniques, and amount of effort (which rocess of "personalization" builds a momentum that is easy to keep you stay "tuned into" your  workout while advancing toward your goals.  In fact, it has been proven that when you identify yourself with fitness, you are more likely to integrate exercise into your lifestyle with momentum that stays with you.  It becomes part of who you are.
Important footnote:  My sessions are series-based "pay-as-you-go" I don't do contracts with my clients, and there is never a gym membership fee to train with me.  I also offer a 100% satisfaction guarantee on each and every session.

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8. Rock your wo
outh Tampa to experience a really fun and functional workout on a Trikke.  In fact, it's my personal favorite way to get in an awesome cardio workout i

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9.Final words
Well, this is the last article, so I thought I'd use this spa

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10. Contact information

Bob Keyser
Tampa, Florida
Phone: (813) 229-5929
Email:  Bobk@strongobjectives.com
Web page:  http://www.toplevelfitness.com/

A proven, effective, "non-hype" approach to fitness and fat loss!

Based upon over 30 years of practical experience I design and implement fitness programs to help people achieve exceptional results. Specialties include: Fat Loss (the "best" way for long term results), Joint Health (get rid of pain, increase range-of-movement, and develop substantial connective tissue), Muscle Quality (strong, lean, sinewy, and balanced), Performance Enhancement (functional power improves your game and makes life's tasks easier), and Energy (for being yourselfat your best).

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